Once You've Set Up Pisell, Most of the Work is Done.
Store Settings Include
General Settings
Including the Settings of the Store's Basic Information, Address, Time Zone/measurement/currency Standard Unit Settings.

1. General Settings Related Topics
Basic Information
Store Url
Shop Adress
Standards and Formats
Store Currency
1.1 Basic Information
The Contents of the Basic Information Are Required. These Contents Are the Information You Filled in when You Initially Created the Store, and You Can Edit It Again Here;
After Changing the Store Name, the Corresponding Domain Name of the Store Will Not Be Changed;
1.2 Store Url
When You Register the Store, the Entered Url Will Be Displayed Here, and After the Store is Registered, This Url is Unique and Cannot Be Changed

1.3 Store Address
Everything Here is Required. These Contents Are the Information You Filled in when You Initially Created the Store, and You Can Edit It Again Here;

1.4 Standards and Formats
(1) Time Zone: by Default, the Time Zone is Set According to the Country/address You Filled in when You Created the Store;
(2) Unit System: Metric System and Imperial System Are Optional;
(3) the Default Weight Unit: "kg (kg)" and "gram (g)" in Metric System; "pound (lb)" and "ounce (oz)" in Imperial System; the Settings Here Are Only the Default Value, You Can Edit the Product, You Can Make Changes;
(4) Order Id Format: the Default Prefix is ​​"a", and 00001 Starts Order Number Counting;
Your Order Number Id Will Be Displayed As A00001, A00002, A00003...

1.5 Store Currency
The Default Product Unit is the Address of the Store when the Product is Created, and the Corresponding Settings Are Made.

User and Permission Settings
Manage What Employees Can See or Do in the Store.

2. Topics Related to Users and Permissions
Shop Owner
Add Employee Account
View/edit Employee Information
2.1 Shopkeeper
Each Store Has Only One Main Account (store Owner), Which is the Account Registered with Pisell by Default, Which Has All the Functions and Permissions of the Store. the Following Functions Can Only Be Operated by the Main Account:
① Change and Order Packages;
② Manage Billing Information: Store Settings - Bills;
③ Manage Collection: Store Settings - Collection;
④ Create and Manage Employees: Store Settings - Package Management;
⑤ Receive Email Messages from Pisell;

2.2 Add Employee Account
Different Software Packages Allow Different Numbers of Store Employee Accounts;

Click "add Employee Account" (invitation Process), Jump to the Page for Adding Employees, and Enter the Name and Email Address; the Name Entered Here Will Be Synchronized with the Corresponding Name of the Employee Account After the Employee is Successfully Invited.
Complete Permissions: That Is, All Business Permissions Except the Store Owner's Specific Permissions, Which Are Checked by Default; if the Check is Removed, the Specific Permissions Will Be Listed Below the Check Item, Including
① General - Home, Orders, Draft Orders, Products, Gift Cards, Customers, Reports, Dashboard, Marketing, Discounts, Apps, Settings
② Online Store - Templates and Pages, Navigation, Domain Name
③ Location - Management Location
④ App and Channel Access - Provides Access to All Apps by Default
⑤ Pos - Manage and Perform Operations Related to Offline Sales.

2.2.2 Fill in the Email Address:
① You Need to Fill in Your Email Address;
② if You Add a Member to This Member Without Checking Any Permission for the Member, It Will Prompt "this Member Has Not Given Any Permission. Before They Are Assigned Permission, They Will Not Be Able to View Any Content or Perform Any Operation", with "cancel" and "confirm Invitation" Button.

2.2.3 Send an Invitation:
After the Invitation is Sent Successfully, the Member Account List Will Display the Information of the Newly Invited Member:
(1) Before the Invitee Receives the Invitation Via Email, "invitation Has Been Sent" Will Be Marked Here;
(2) when Adding a Member, the Name Will Be Displayed if the Name is Filled In, and the Email Address Will Be Displayed if the Name is Not Filled In;

2.3 View/edit Employee Information
Click the Employee Name in the Employee Account List to Jump to the View and Edit Page of the Employee Account:
①secondary Verification: in Addition to Logging in with the Account and Password by Default (the First Time), the Pisell Account Can Also Click the User Name Picture After Logging in to the Background, Enter the Management Account - Security, and Enable the Second Verification (sms and Verification Code) Check) to Ensure Login Security;
② Personal Profile: Optional. the Selection of Personal Profiles of Employees Can Be Carried out in the Decoration Store;
③ Personal Website: Optional.
④ Allow Sending Important Notifications by Email: Whether to Allow Sending Marketing Messages to the Mailbox Correspondi

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