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Depending on the device you're using, you can do different things in your admin. If you log in to your Pisell admin from a browser, then you can manage all aspects of your store. If you log in to the Pisell app from your phone, then you can view your store's recent activity, update your store's catalog, and manage your orders.

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The Pisell admin

When you log in to your Pisell admin, the first thing that you see is the Home page.
Pisell Home shows information about daily tasks, your store’s recent activity, and the next steps you can take to build your business.
You can access the different sections of the Pisell admin by using the sidebar. Sections of the Pisell admin include:
  • Core aspects of your Pisell business, including orders, products, and customers
  • Sales channels, including Online Store, Point of Sale, and Buy Button
  • Apps installed on your account
  • Settings applied to your Pisell store and account.
You can use the search bar to find products, pages, or other information within your Pisell admin.
If you have accounts in more than one Pisell store, then you can use the dropdown to navigate to those stores.


Pisell Home

The Home page shows key information about your store's recent activity, the next steps you need to take with your orders, and tips for building your business.
Today's store activity
Pisell Home shows your store's most recent visitor activity. Your store activity is recorded according to your store's local time zone:
  • Today's orders shows the total number of orders made on your Pisell store on any given day.
  • Today's visits shows the total number of visits to your Pisell store on any given day. You will only see this card if you have an online store.
  • Visitors live right now shows the number of visitors who have been active on your online store in the past 5 minutes. You will only see this card if you have an online store.
For more detailed information about your store's visitors, you can view your store's acquisition reports.
The Home metrics section displays a sales summary for your overall business, and specific sales and engagement data for your active sales channels. You can view sales data for your different sales channels from Today, Yesterday, This week, and This month by using the drop-down menus.
If you want a closer look at your store's sales and engagement data, then open the Overview dashboard.
Activity feed
The Activity feed in the Home metrics section shows an overview of the activity on your account. Click View all recent activity to see a longer feed of recent activity on your account.
Pisell Home shows notifications about your Pisell business that are based on your account status, growth, and recent customer activity.
Notifications make it easy to see what next steps you need to take, such as capturing payment, marking an order as fulfilled, or archiving an order that is complete.
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