Pisell believes strongly in protecting personal information, and understands that doing so is critical in helping you preserve the trust and confidence of your customers. Pisell has designed its platform to enable you to offer your customers transparency into and control over their personal information. Pisell believes in making it easy for you to use its platform in a manner that complies with privacy and data protection laws around the world.
Pisell does what it can to set you up for success, but there are also steps you will need to take on your own. The following documents will help you start thinking about two major global requirements - the privacy laws of Europe and California. If you have specific legal questions about which laws apply to you, or questions specific to your business, then consult with a local lawyer who is familiar with data protection laws.
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Cookies and customer tracking


Countries and regions around the world have introduced regulations that dictate how businesses collect, handle, and share their customer’s data. Collecting customer data, especially cookie data and other data related to browsing activity, is essential to merchants looking for insights on their customer’s behaviour. This data also helps merchants advertise to customers on third-party marketing platforms.
To help merchants comply with these regulations and build trust with their customers, Pisell provides a variety of apps, features, and developers tools.
You can install the Customer Privacy Banner app created by Pisell, or browse the Pisell App Store for third-party privacy banners.
When making a decision about what your business needs to do to comply with various privacy regulations it’s important to consult with your lawyer.


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