Online Store

The Online Store sales channel is an online home for your business. Your store needs to be on the Basic Pisell plan or higher for you to sell with an online store. If you're new to Pisell, then learn how to get started.
You can use your Pisell online store to create webpages, publish a blog, and sell your products. You need to be on the Basic Pisell plan or higher to sell with an online store.
Your online store is flexible, so you can build your business with the following customizations:
  • build custom menus to help customers navigate your products and content
  • add a custom domain
  • set up dynamic checkout buttons for your product pages
  • add filters to help customers find the products that interest them the most
  • design your online store using responsive themes
To get started quickly, follow the online store setup guide.
If the online store features do not meet your business's needs, then you can use developer tools to build a custom storefront.
Grow your business
Already have a website that you want to turn into an online store? Use the Buy Button sales channel to create embed code to sell your products wherever you have an online presence.
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