Box Local

After Installing the Sales Channel of Box Local in the App, You Can See the Business of Box Local in "business Management". Under This Business, You Can Perform Basic Settings, Channel Product Management, and Content Management.
To Uninstall/delete This Channel, You Need to Close the Store First.

Basic Settings
After Installing the "box Local" Sales Channel, the Store Defaults to a "to Be Confirmed" State. at This Time, the Store Needs to Complete the Basic Information, and then Click "submit Online" (the Channel Party Will Receive an Email for Opening a Store), After the Channel Party Has Reviewed and Confirmed, the Store Will Be in the State of "online/normal Business".
Only the First "submission to Go Live" Requires the Channel Party (boxlocal) to Confirm and Go Live in the Background. Later, if the Store Changes the Store Information on the Sales Channel, It Will Be Automatically Updated After Saving.

Store Information
(1) the Name and Email Address of the Store Owner of the Pisell Store Are Taken by Default, and Modification is Allowed;
(2) Store Industry: Required, the Value is Taken from the "industry Category" of the Store Module in the Boxlocal Backend, and the Merchant Needs to Select the Industry to Which It Belongs; the Industry Classification Will Be Filtered and Displayed in the "merchant List Page" of the Boxlocal Client .
(3) the Boxlocal Cooperation Agreement is a Jump Link. After Clicking, It Will Jump to a Page of a Specified Agreement (the Text Will Be Given Later);
(4) Close the Store: It Means That the Store is Closed for Some Reason. This Operation Requires the Operation of the Channel (boxlocal), and the Store Itself Cannot Close Its Own Store in the Channel at Will; Click This Button, a Pop-up Window Will Prompt "please Contact Boxlocal to Assist You in Closing. Shop, Contact Information is Xxxxxxx".

Store Business Configuration
By Default, the Name, Address Information and Time Zone of the Pisell Store Are Obtained, and Modification is Allowed.
Among Them, "phone" Needs to Be a Required Item (the Phone Will Be Used As a Way for Front-end Customers to Contact the Merchant).

Business Hours
Business Hours: Refers to What Time of Day the Store is Open for Business when Its Business Status is "open".
Click "settings", and the Weekly Business Hours Configuration Pop-up Window Will Pop Up:
(1) if the Business Day is Open, You Need to Turn on the Business Switch, and then Configure at Least One Group of Business Hours. if There Are Multiple Groups, You Can Click the + Sign to Increase the Time Period;
(2) if It is Not Open for Business on That Day, Turn off the Business Switch, and There is No Need to Configure Business Hours.

Business Status
Defaults to "business As Usual" Status:
(1) Suspension of Business: It Means That the Store is Temporarily Suspended. After Clicking, the Store and Products Will Still Be Displayed at the Front of the Channel, but Customers Cannot Place Orders;
(2) Resume Business: You Can Click Resume Business Only when the Store Has Been Suspended/closed.

Shop and Cover Logo
(1) Store Logo: the Logo Used for the Store List Page; when the Image Has Been Uploaded, the Logo Can Also Be Cleared;
(2) Store Cover: the Cover Image After Entering the Store; when the Image Has Been Uploaded, the Cover Image Can Also Be Cleared;

Shop Qr Code
On the Basic Settings Page, in the Upper Right Corner, Click the Button "view Qr Code"
After Clicking, a Window Will Pop Up and Display a Qr Code of the Store in the Boxlocal Channel. the Qr Code Will Be Used by the Customer to Scan the Code to Cancel the Order Placed by the Store.

Channel Product
It is Used to Configure Which Products in the Store Need to Be Uploaded to the Current Sales Channel for Sale.
Add Channel Products
Method One:
Click Add Channel Product in the Upper Right Corner of the Page

A Pop-up Window for Selecting an Item Pops Up
In the Pop-up Window, You Can Select the Products to Be Uploaded to the Channel According to Various Dimensions Such As All Products, Hot-selling Products, Product Grouping, Type, Brand, and Label, Among Which:
(1) Click on All Products to Directly Jump to the List of All Products;
(2) Click on a Popular Item, and then It Will Be Sorted According to the List of Items with Sales, from More Sold to Less Sold;
(3) Click on the Product Group/type/brand/label, then Jump to the List of the Corresponding Group/type/brand/label, then Select a Specific Item, and then Jump to the Corresponding Product List (spu List) ;
As Shown in the Figure Below, Only Products That Have Not Been Added to the Channel Can Be Selected, and Products That Cannot Be Selected Indicate That the Product Has Been Uploaded to the Channel.

Method Two:
If the Current Store Has Joined Box Local, when Creating or Editing a Product, You Can Check Box Local in the Upper Right Corner of the Details Page. After Checking the Box, the Product Will Be Listed on the Box Local Sales Channel Synchronously; the Product Will Als

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