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When a customer makes a payment using a credit card, the payment information needs to be captured and sent to their bank for processing. If you are using Pisell Payments or another credit card payment provider, then you'll need to decide how to capture payment from your customers. You can configure your settings to automatically capture payment at the time of the sale, or manually capture payment later. If you set up manual capture, you will have to capture payments from the Orders page in your admin.
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What is a credit card authorization period?

All credit card payment providers have an authorization period to allow a charge to be made to a customer's credit card. The authorization process first checks that the credit card is valid, and then that the card has enough funds on it for the transaction.
The authorization period will end after a certain amount of time. The length of the authorization period depends on your credit card payment provider. You need to capture a payment within the authorization period to collect money for your order.
Pisell Payments provides an authorization period of 7 days.
When you capture a payment made in a foreign currency, the amount is converted using the current conversion rate and not the rate at the time of authorization. The amount that is authorized is the maximum amount that you can capture. Manually capturing a credit card payment creates a time gap between when the credit card was authorized and when the payment is captured. This means that you might lose money depending on currency fluctuations.
Extended authorization periods
Pisell Payments.
Merchants using the Pisell Plus plan have extended authorization periods when certain credit cards are used at checkout.
Extended authorization periods differ, depending on the issuing bank of a credit card. Some cards might not support extended authorization periods, so you should monitor your Orders page for expiring authorizations.
Starting October 21, 2020, if you manually capture a payment after the standard seven day period, then a 1.75% charge will apply to the transaction in addition to standard credit card fees.
Card type Authorization period
Visa Up to 30 days
Mastercard Up to 30 days
Discover Up to 10 days
JCB Up to 10 days
American Express 7 days
Diners Club 7 days
China Union Pay 7 days
If you have a payment that wasn't captured within seven days and you don't want to incur this fee, then cancel the order and create a new one. The authorization expiry date is displayed on the Orders page.
To avoid extra charges, ensure that you capture payments within seven days. Authorization periods and transaction fees are subject to change.
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