Import / Export Customers

If you have a customer list that you want to use in Pisell, you can enter it into a customer CSV to build a new customer list using the customer CSV template.
If you want to edit multiple customer records that already exist in your customer list, it will be easier to use bulk editing instead.



Customer CSV Template
Pisell provides a template file that you can use as a guide to create your own customer list to import into your store. you can
Download and view the customer CSV template, or see Formatting your customer CSV file for formatting.

Import existing customer records using customer CSV
You can add customer records to a customer CSV template or build your own CSV file and upload it to your Pisell back office.
You cannot migrate customer passwords from other online stores because the passwords are encrypted. Overwriting existing client accounts with a CSV file import does not require them to be created again.
Some of your customer information cannot be transferred between platforms. Pisell only tracks items that customers order and consume through your online store. There is no way to import customer data on orders placed and money spent on other stores or e-commerce platforms. You cannot edit the total amount spent because it spends from your online store on behalf of customers.
In your Pisell admin, click Customers.
Click Import.
Download the CSV customer import template and fill in the template content.
In the CSV Import Customers dialog box, click Choose File and select your customer CSV file.
If you want to update any existing customers, click Overwrite existing customers with the same mobile number.
Click Import Customers.
Export existing customer records to a CSV file (bulk import of customers)
You can export a CSV file with all store customers and their details, or a filtered list of customers and their details.
From your Pisell admin, go to Customers.
Click Export.
Click one of the following export options:
Export the current page of customers displayed in your store management
All Customers Export all customers of your store
Select customers to export the customers of your choice
Click Export Customers.
(There is currently no file size limit for import/export, and theoretically you can import/export infinitely)

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