Pisel Payments

Pisell Payments is the simplest way to accept payments online. It eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account and having to enter the credentials into Pisell.

Click "Management" in the upper right corner of the pisell payment card to jump to the management page for pisell payment, where you can set the payment method, payment country/region, settlement account, etc.;

payment method

pisell payment configures two methods of credit card payment and third-party fast payment, among which:

(1) When the user selects the corresponding payment method, the configuration of the handling fee will be expanded:

① Options for handling fee configuration:

a. The default is "Same as Pisell payment fee". When this option is selected, the following percentage and fixed amount are respectively the fee charged by Pisell to the merchant, and the input box is disabled and cannot be edited;

b. Another option is "Customize Customer Payment Fee". When this option is selected, the original value of the percentage and fixed amount behind is still written by default, but it is allowed to be edited, required, and not allowed to be empty.

② Set payment handling fee: This refers to whether the merchant will charge the buyer an additional handling fee when the order is paid under the method of pisellpayment; that is, the additional handling fee that the buyer should pay to the merchant;

The handling fee consists of a percentage of the amount payable by the order, and a fixed amount.

That is, when both the percentage and the fixed value are written as 0, the buyer does not need to bear the additional payment fee;

pay by credit card
Credit Card Verification Settings:
Log in to the background - click "Settings" in the left navigation bar - click "Payment" - click "Management" in the upper left corner - pull the jumped page to the bottom (as shown below) - click "Verification Settings" - About Statement.

There are two ways to verify your credit card:

1. Bank verification (default)

Bank Verification (default): Customers need to jump to the verification page of the issuing bank every time they pay with a card. Customers need to provide SMS verification code, message push verification code or other reserved information for verification. Customers can complete the verification during the payment process, but they need to be re-verified every time they pay, which is more secure.
2. Customize bank verification.
The rules for determining whether to conduct bank verification can be modified to allow customers to be exempted from bank verification under certain conditions. Customers can be partially exempted from bank verification, the customer experience is better, and the security is moderate.
The following rule provided on the page can be set, and any conditions before triggering will require bank verification. Conversely, if none of the following three rules are triggered, the guest will directly place an order for payment without verification.


Click "Modify" on the right to modify the conditions in the pop-up box, and click "OK" after modification.
"The above rules 2 and 3, reset every 180 days" means that the number of credit card consumptions and the number of days until the first credit card consumption will be recalculated every 180 days.
User demo
When the customer pays for the order:
1) Add a bank card:
After purchasing the goods, proceed to settlement, submit the order, select "Visa/Master" to pay, and click "Confirm" at the bottom

Jump to the page, enter the information to add a bank card

Note: "Save this card for next use?" in the middle of the page is checked by default, and the bank card information added this time will appear by default when making credit card payment next time, omitting the step of adding a bank card again; if not checked, go to When the credit card support is performed for the first time, the bank card information added this time will not appear.
2) Payment: After adding the bank card information, click "Confirm Payment" at the bottom of the page, enter the bank page, and click "Next".

After entering the SMS verification code, message push verification code or other reserved information in the position indicated by the arrow in the figure below for verification, click "Submit" to complete the payment
WeChat applet payment:
When making payment in the WeChat applet, after choosing "Visa/Master"/Alipay payment, you need to copy the jumped link first, then open the browser in your phone, copy the link to the browser, and then open the payment page to make payment.

As shown in the picture above, when you select "Visa/Master"/Alipay to pay, the pop-up window will appear with the words "Copy Link", and then a security reminder will pop up


After copying the link, click "I know", it will jump to the waiting page
If the payment is completed, you can click "I have paid", if not, click "I have paid" and it will prompt "Not yet paid"
If you click "Change Payment Method", you will be redirected to the payment method selection page, where you can re-select the payment method: "Visa/Master"/"Alipay"/"WeChat Payment"
If you click "Back to Home", it will jump to the home page of the store

To continue the payment process, you need to open the browser in your mobile phone, copy the copied link into the browser, and then follow the next steps to pay.
After the payment is completed, the page will show that the payment is successful, prompting you to return to WeChat to check the order. After entering the WeChat applet, the page also recognizes that you have successfully paid, and jumps to the payment success page. You can go to the order page of the personal center to check whether the order has been successfully paid.

country / region

This is used to set the default region for payment.

Payment Details

This involves the Pisell payment and the merchant's payment settlement logic:

(1) Payment bank account: the bank account to which the settled funds need to be transferred (commonly known as "withdrawal account"); a new account needs to be added here. When adding an account, you need to enter the account name, bank card number, and the bank to which it belongs;

(2) The name of the merchant in the statement: in the statement, the name of the merchant; if it is not empty, the name of the store will be used;

(3) Payment arrangement: refers to the frequency of self-defined withdrawals, including once every working day, once a week, or once a month; among them, when selecting weekly, you can set Monday to Friday; when setting monthly, you can select 1 to 30;

(4) Enable notification: Checked by default, check this item, then the mailbox of the store owner will receive the email of the checkout result;

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