Third-party payment providers

In addition to the Pisell Payment payment method provided by Pisell, Pisell also supports docking with third-party payment companies, currently including: Superior Pay and Stripe. Other third-party payment methods are gradually being opened.

For merchants who have their own WeChat mini program and have purchased the "WeChat own mini program application", they need to choose their own payment account to collect payments through WeChat payment. In this case, they can choose and use Superior Pay.

If you are an international merchant (for example, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, etc.), or you are an Australian merchant, but you do not want to use Pisell Payment, you may consider choosing Stripe as the payment method you provide to your guests. Way.

Every time a customer uses a third-party provider to make a purchase, they need to pay a transaction fee, and the settlement needs to be settled with a third-party payment company. For ease of management, you can adjust it to Pisell payment.

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Stripe application setup process

For more details about stripe prohibited industries, please check the link:

Before applying for a Stripe account, please contact Pisell staff to obtain a link. This link may contain specific parameters or preconfigured settings to better integrate Pisell's functionality. By clicking on the link, you will be directed to Stripe to apply for an account (as shown in the image below). Once your Stripe application is complete, you can then aggregate your Stripe account for use with Pisell's features!

If you have previously applied for a Stripe account directly, when preparing to use Stripe under Pisell, you can also contact Pisell staff to obtain a link and then proceed to associate your account with Stripe by navigating to Stripe.

Log in to the stripe backend:
Click "Register" below for a new account, enter your email information and fill in the content to create an account

After the account creation is completed, go to the account homepage, click "Activate Payment", and continue to complete the relevant information;
The "Activate Payment" function is divided into the following 5 steps.

Step 1: Verify the business. Please be prepared to fill in the country address, company type, merchant details, etc. in this step;



Step 2, add your bank account;
In steps 3 and 4, you can set them according to your personal needs, namely "Protect Your Account" and "Add Miscellaneous Fees";
After completing the above steps, the account can be successfully activated;
After the stripe account is successfully activated, you can go to the store backend to fill in the corresponding stripe account information, log in to the merchant backend - Settings - Collection - Other payment methods - Management - Stripe payment - Fill in the parameters




Configuration parameters
When configuring stripe payment, we need two parameters
Publishable key (public key)
Secret key
How to get parameters:
We will see these two parameters in the picture above. Copy these two parameters and paste them into the stripe payment settings in the merchant backend.
That’s it
1. There is a test mode switch on the upper right corner. If it is a real product environment, please turn off the test mode and then copy the parameters.
2. The private key will only be displayed once. Please keep it properly after copying it.
Automatic mode payment method configuration
Click on the wheel in the upper right corner (position 1), then click on the payment method (position 2)
Enter the payment method settings page:

Turn payment methods on or off as needed
After opening Alipay and WeChat, they will automatically sign a contract with Alipay and WeChat, which requires a certain amount of waiting time.

Note: After completing the application for Stripe and starting to use it, if a transaction amount is generated, Stripe will conduct testing based on the content of the store's sales. If it is found that there are potential safety hazards in the goods sold, an email will generally be sent 1-2 working days after the account application is completed to request supplements. For relevant information, merchants need to follow up and complete the supplement before they can continue to use it.

If a merchant connected to Stripe displays words similar to "test mode" when paying, as shown below, it is usually because the merchant enters the test mode in the stripe backend after applying for stripe. It is recommended that the merchant turn off the test mode in the stripe backend before testing; if Has the test mode been turned off or is it still not working? The merchant needs to further contact Stripe customer service to confirm the specific problem;
Stripe's official list of prohibited and restricted businesses, each country will have additional supplementary industries, the specific page needs to be viewed according to the country, for details, please refer to the link: businesses

to add on:
The United States, Australia, and New Zealand have always had the strictest risk control levels. The reason for the strict control is that they are the places where the most complaints are about stolen credit cards, counterfeit goods, etc.;
Types of risk control
High risk reminder: New accounts are generally blocked for the following reasons: the website products are prohibited by Stripe, such as wigs; the website has been banned in the past
Business proof needs to be submitted. After receiving payment, purchase invoices and contracts, and specific order logistics information are required.
Local mobile phone number verification



Superior Pay setup process

If you are still not sure whether to choose Super pay, you can learn more through the company’s official website below
Stripe official website
Super pay official website

Materials required to use Super pay in the Pisell backend:

Superior Pay account information, including Merchant_id, Md5_key.


Log in to the Pisell merchant backend and click Settings - Payment Settings on the left navigation bar.


After entering the payment page, click the manage button under other payment methods


Choose Superior Pay, a third-party payment provider.


Enter the corresponding account information: Merchant_id, Md5_key.


Click the Configure Handling Fee button to configure the handling fee for Superior Pay (whether to charge customers additional payment handling fees when they pay for an order).

If you have configured a handling fee in the Superior Pay backend, and setting the handling fee here will cause customers to pay repeatedly, you can choose not to charge additional payment handling fees to customers here, and just save it.


If you have not configured a handling fee in the Superior Pay backend, you need to choose to charge an additional payment handling fee and enter the percentage or fixed amount of the handling fee.


After completing the above steps, click the Activate Superior Pay button and the setup is complete!



Things to note about third-party payment

It should be noted that if you connect to third-party payment, you will be charged an additional handling fee for each order. The handling fee will vary according to the package fee you subscribe to. The current charging standard is as shown in the figure:



Click on the link to see more pricing details.

Differences in settlement using third-party payment methods:
If you use Stripe, the resulting order payment will be settled by Stripe with you. This part of the order amount does not go through Pisell, so any delays, payment inconsistencies, etc. require you to communicate with Stripe;
Similarly, if you use Superior Pay, the WeChat payment will be settled by Superior Pay. This part of the order amount does not go through Pisell, so any delays, payment inconsistencies, etc. require you to communicate with Superior Pay. .

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