Manual payment methods



Some customers don't want to pay for their orders using a credit card. These customers can still place their orders online if you set up a manual payment method. When your customers use a manual payment method, you can arrange to receive their payment in a way that works best for them. You can send an invoice to your customer. After you receive the payment, you can then manually approve the order.
Common types of manual payments include cash on delivery (COD), money orders, and bank transfers. If your store and your customers are based in Canada, then you can accept email money transfers.
Note:You aren't charged transaction fees for manual payments. The Advanced Cash on Delivery app, which offers additional features, is installed automatically to shops based in India using Indian rupees (INR) as their default currency. Unlike the Manual Payments Cash on Delivery option, there is a transaction fee applied to purchases made using this app. You can disable the app and resume the standard Cash on Delivery option in your payment settings.
Orders that accept manual payments are marked as unpaid on the Orders page. After you receive payment for a customer's order, you can mark the order as paid on the order details page and fulfill the order as you would if they had made an online payment.
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