Introduction to the Order List Page

All orders

Used to query, view, and process orders from the current store.


Order List

Click "All Orders" to enter the order list page, which displays different order statuses.


payment status

(1) Authorized: The status of a new credit card payment has been acquired.

(2) Paid: The buyer has paid by credit card or third-party payment tool, or paid by other payment methods (offline or marked payment), and paid the full order amount;

(3) Partial payment: paid, but the paid amount is less than the order amount;

(4) Partial refund: the order has not been cancelled, but part of the order amount has been refunded;

(5) Refunded: the order has been cancelled and the full order amount has been refunded;

(6) Void: Orders that have not yet been paid, the status after canceling the order;


Shipping status

(1) Shipped: All items in the order have been shipped;

(2) Unshipped: All items in the order have not been shipped;

(3) Partial delivery: some items in the order have been delivered;

(4) Arranged: Pre-orders that have been paid and have not yet reached the delivery time limit; if the delivery time limit is reached, it will be "unshipped"; (coming soon)


Order Status

It can be understood that it is assembled from different payment status and delivery status.

(1) Open: the initial status of the order, which means that the order is not completed, including the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: The money is not paid (regardless of delivery), i.e. payment status = "unpaid"/"partially paid"/"authorized";

Scenario 2: The goods have not been delivered (whether the money is paid or not), that is, the delivery status = "not delivered"/"partially delivered"/"arranged";

Scenario 3: The money has been returned, but the goods have not been paid, that is, payment status = "refunded", delivery status = "delivered"; you can cancel the delivery and then cancel the order

(2) Cancelled: payment status = "unpaid" or "refunded", this status can only be triggered by "cancel order";


List tab

By default, it does not directly correspond to the order status. You can also select the order status under different tabs.

(1) All: show orders in all states;

(2) Unshipped: Orders that are "unshipped" or "partially shipped" are displayed by default;

(3) Unpaid: Orders with "unpaid" are displayed by default;

(3) Open: Orders whose order status is "open" are displayed by default;

(4) Closed: Orders whose order status is "Completed" are displayed by default;


Search and filter

(1) Filter orders: make precise queries through orders;

(2) Order status: screening of pending and cancelled status;

(3) Payment status: screening of payment status;

(4) Delivery status: screening of delivery status;

(5) More filters: After clicking, more filter pop-ups will be drawn on the right side of the list, including order status, payment status, delivery status, mark, sales channel, order date;

(6) Sorting: ascending and descending order of order, order date and customer name;


Bulk Action Button Group

Check one or more orders, the title row of the original order list will be changed to a batch operation button group. The button group includes the following functions:

(1) Create a shipping label: Only when the store has ordered a "shipping label", the button will take effect; after clicking, you can create a shipping label for the order that meets the shipping conditions (reservation logistics order). , and place the order as "shipped");

(2) Ship: Mark the selected order as "shipped"

(3) Refresh payment: mark the selected order as "paid";

(4) Other operations: including printing packing slips, filing orders, canceling archives, adding/deleting marks;

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