Set Location

The location will involve express delivery delivery location/real-time delivery pickup location/timed delivery pickup location/guest pickup location;

1. Express delivery delivery location:
You can set up a single store or multiple stores to ship to multiple express delivery locations to update inventory and ship orders at all locations. Your location can be a retail store, warehouse, pop-up store, drop shipping distributor, or any other location where you manage or store your inventory. With multiple locations, you can better understand your company's inventory.

2. Real-time/timed delivery delivery location:
To ensure your inventory quantities are always accurate, distribute online and offline orders to various pickup locations. If some of the stock at one pickup location is low, but another location has stock, Pisell's Focus Logistics service can be used for real-time/timed fulfillment to fulfill orders from multiple locations.

3. Guest pick up location:
After placing the order, the customer needs to go to the store address or other address for picking up the goods from the pick-up point;

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Create and modify locations
Express Shipping Create Shipping Label Steps
Note: Express delivery varies according to online orders and offline orders;
1. Online order:
1.1 [Mark this order as delivery]: This button is displayed only when the product is "undelivered". After clicking, it will jump to the "manual delivery" page as shown in the figure below;
1.2 You can choose to ship goods, only different goods support partial delivery, and split delivery is not supported when there are multiple pieces of the same product;
1.4 If this option is checked, the delivery information will be sent to the customer's mailbox or mobile phone after confirming the delivery;
1.5 Shipping address: edit and copy operations can be performed;
2. Steps to create real-time/timed delivery delivery location
1. Real-time delivery location settings
1.1 Pisell Merchant Management Background--Settings--Location--Fill in the store address--click Save.
After creating a location, click Settings - Shipping and Delivery to set it up.
When customers choose real-time delivery to place an order, they will calculate the delivery fee to the guest address according to your store location;
1.2 If you need to cooperate with third-party logistics companies, such as DoorDash delivery, you need to set up by customer service
2. Scheduled delivery location settings
2.1 It is necessary to inform the customer service of the scheduled delivery location; the customer service will set it up; it can support one distribution center (which can cooperate with third-party logistics companies) and multiple distribution centers (the merchants self-distribute)
3. Guest self-pickup location settings
3.1 The customer's self-pickup location can default to the store address;
Pisell Merchant Management Background--Settings--Location--Fill in the store address--click Save.
3.2 The address of the self-pickup point can be added.

Disable and re-enable location
If you don't want to sell, ship, or stock inventory at the location, you can temporarily or permanently deactivate the location.
You cannot disable a location that is currently set as the default location. You first need to change the default location to something else.
Before deactivating a location, you need to complete all orders and transfers assigned to it and reassign them to another location. Failure to do so will prompt you to complete the order and redistribute the inventory quantity.
Go to Settings > Places.
Click a location.
Click Deactivate Location. If any inventory, orders, or transfers have been assigned to this location, select a location to move the product to.
Click Deactivate Location.

delete location
If you no longer wish to sell, ship, or store inventory from a location, you can delete it permanently.
Go to Settings > Locations.
Click the deactivated location.
Click Delete Location.

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