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Shipping can be one of the more complex parts of setting up and managing a business. It can also be one of your biggest costs per order.

It is recommended that you learn about the different carriers before setting up shipping. The different shipping rates you can offer and the use of dropshipping to fulfill the service. Once you understand shipping methods in Pisell, you can create generic shipping rates and use shipping rules for products that require special shipping rates.


Plan your logistics solution
Choosing which shipping rates to offer customers are an important part of running a business. Before you get your first order, you need to decide which shipping strategy you want to use, and then set up how your customers choose how to ship.


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Logistics solution
Logistics options may change as your store grows. One of the first decisions you need to make is determining how much to charge for shipping.

free delivery
Offering free shipping usually has a positive impact on your cart conversions. Even if your business is just getting started, there are several ways to offer free shipping. One way is to include shipping in the product price. Find out the average cost of shipping a product, then add the equivalent amount to your price.

Another way is to offer free shipping on all orders over a certain amount.

Charge the exact shipping
You can use Focus Logistics to show customers the automatic calculation of shipping costs at checkout. If you're starting a new business and have limited resources, charging customers an accurate rate is an easy way to keep costs down.

Flat shipping
Another way to charge shipping is to offer a flat rate per package, or for a weight range, destination, or cart total. When deciding to offer a flat rate, you'll want to consider the average shipping cost to ship your package so that you don't over or under charge. An example of a flat rate is $5 for all domestic shipments.

Please know that your purpose is to balance your own shipping and handling costs by offering your customers an attractive price. Different shipping scenarios may be suitable for different business stages. You can test a few different options and see how they affect your sales.


Optimize shipping
You can also provide shipping rates calculated directly by individual carriers. However, if you add calculated shipping to your checkout page, you should ensure that the shipping rate provided by the carrier to your store is accurate.

Shipping is what you charge your customers in addition to the cost of the product they ordered. At checkout, any shipping costs are added to the customer's order.
You can choose from a variety of shipping rates and methods as options to display to customers, or simply provide an option.


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Flat shipping
Flat shipping is a specific shipping fee charged to a customer based on their order.

For example, if you want to charge $5 for shipping each time a customer places an order, you need to set a flat $5 shipping fee.
The advantage of flat shipping is that you can control how much you charge your customers at checkout.

Shipping by price

Price-based shipping allows you to set minimum and maximum cart values ​​for flat shipping.
For example, let's say you want to charge different shipping rates for orders under and over $50. With price-based shipping, you can set a flat $4 shipping rate for orders under $50 and a flat $10 shipping rate for orders over $50.

Using the example above, if a customer's cart is worth $35, only the $4 shipping option will appear at checkout.

Shipping by weight

Weight-based shipping can calculate shipping for your flat or weight-based shipping.
For example, let's say you want to charge different shipping rates for orders over 5 kg. With weight-based shipping, you can set a flat rate of $7, or charge-by-weight shipping for orders over 5 kg.


free shipping
Any flat shipping rate can be turned into free shipping by setting shipping to $0. For example, if you want to offer free shipping on all orders, you can create a general flat shipping rate of $0.
Conversely, if you want free shipping on orders over $100, set a flat price-based rate of $0 for orders over $100.

Automatically calculate shipping costs
Automatically calculated shipping is the shipping cost provided by the shipping company you add to your store.
When a customer proceeds to checkout, their cart information is calculated and then the shipping fee that should be charged is displayed.
The advantage of automatically calculating shipping costs is that you can transfer the shipping cost of the order directly to the customer.

Depending on your store's subscription plan and location, you may be able to add some shipping companies directly to your shipping settings.
When determining the shipping amount to be paid, you need to confirm the following information:
Pickup Location
delivery destination
Delivery Time
Shipping settings
local delivery method
You can set up pickup and local delivery options for customers close to your store.
local delivery
If your store offers shipping, you can create a local shipping method that customers can choose at checkout. You can set shipping fees and minimum order amounts.
Pick up in store
You can offer customers the option to pick up their order in store. This is a great way for your customers to save on shipping, and it allows you to create a more branded experience for your customers. You can provide pickup instructions and let customers know when they can pick up their order.

Customer experience for choosing shipping rates
The shipping settings you use affect what customers see at checkout.
After you've set up your shipping rates, you can place a test order with your own checkout system to see the options your customers can choose from and make sure the rates displayed are correct.
Your customers won't see the shipping method until they enter their shipping address.
Shipping rates may change if your customer goes to the checkout page and selects a different address. Since most shipping rates are calculated based on shipping distance, changes to the shipping address may result in an inaccurate original shipping rate.

Understanding Shipping Labels
[Delivery Label]: This button is only displayed for "unshipped" products; similar to domestic docking logistics companies (or platforms such as Cainiao), you can make an appointment for express orders through the logistics company interface, and then wait for pickup; this module Application order required. will be described in detail later;
[Print Packing List]: This button is only displayed for "shipped" products; with the "shipping label", a packing list can be printed for shipped products;

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