Create Automatic Discounts

Create an automated discount process
Enter the Pisell backend, click "Discount" - "Create Discount" - "Auto Discount"
Different from discount codes, after the automatic discount takes effect, the front-end customer will automatically take effect at the checkout or in the shopping cart.

auto discount title
Customers will see this message during cart and checkout

Types of automatic discounts

Types of automatic discounts, including the following 2 types:
(1) Percentage: refers to the discount based on the specified percentage of the item amount in the order;
(2) Fixed amount: refers to the reduction or exemption based on the fixed currency value of the commodity amount in the order;

Automatic discount value


Discount value refers to the percentage or fixed amount that will be deducted from the order when the automatic discount is used;

(1) Discount ratio/fixed amount:
① When the type is "percentage", fill in the discount rate, only positive integers are allowed, negative numbers or decimal points are not supported;
② When the type is "Fixed Amount", fill in the discount amount, only 0 or positive numbers are allowed (can include decimals), and negative numbers are not supported;

(2) Scope of application:

You can select all products, specific product groups, specific products;
When selecting "Specific Commodity Group", one or more commodity groups need to be selected, and the automatic discount applies to the commodities in the selected commodity group;
When selecting "Specific Commodities", you need to select one or more commodities (when a single commodity has multiple combination specifications, the selection of commodities needs to be accurate to each combination rule), and the selected commodities will apply the automatic discount.



Minimum requirements for automatic discounts

Refers to the minimum conditions that need to be met, the discount code can be used;
(1) None: When this item is selected, it means that there is no minimum requirement for automatic discount;
(2) Minimum purchase amount: when you select this item, you need to enter the minimum amount of the order (to use the automatic discount), the amount can only be entered with numbers greater than 0 (decimals are allowed);
(3) Minimum Quantity of Commodities: When you select this item, you need to input how many items the order contains at least (to use the automatic discount), and this quantity can only be filled in an integer greater than 0;

Automatic discount effective date

Use the calendar in the Effective Date section to set the start date for this discount. If you want to set the end date of the discount, click Set end date and use the calendar to select the end date of the discount;
If you do not select an end date for the discount, the discount will not expire. If you want the discount to be valid for one day only, select the same calendar day for the start date and end date.
Note: The effective date is subject to the "time zone" set in the store settings - general settings.

View/edit automatic discounts
Save the new rule on the Create Automatic Discount page, or click an existing record on the Automatic Discount List page to jump to its edit page.
The following operations can be performed on this list page:
(1) disable/enable;
(2) Delete: a prompt to confirm the deletion is required;
(3) Editing: When the automatic discount content is changed, the “Save” button will light up, and the changed data will only be saved after submitting and saving.

Automatic Discount List
In the automatic discount list, you can perform operations such as filtering, searching, querying, sorting, and batch editing for automatic discounts;
(1) Filter: You can filter discounts by discount type, start date, status, and usage times;
(2) Search: Enter the name of the automatic discount to perform a fuzzy search;
(3) Save the search:
(4) Sorting: Supports ascending and descending sorting by creation time, automatic discount name, effective start and end time.
(5) Batch edit: Select one or more discount codes in the list, and the “Batch Edit” button will appear in the title of the list, and provide an operation to delete discount codes.
(6) Automatic discount status:
① Released: The discount code has not been used and is still in effect;
② Scheduled: The automatic discount has already generated the order.
③ Expired: The current time has exceeded the effective end time;

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