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Fraud Protect is available for merchants in the United States.
Fraud Protect for Pisell Payments protects eligible businesses against fraudulent chargebacks, making it easier to quickly and confidently fulfill orders. After Fraud Protect is activated, online orders processed through Pisell Payments are analyzed and classified as either "protected" or "not protected". You pay a fee on each protected order, and Pisell guarantees the payment. You don't have to do anything if there’s a fraudulent chargeback on a protected order. Pisell reimburses you the chargeback amount and handles the chargeback process for you.
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Business eligibility
Only businesses that meet certain criteria are eligible for Fraud Protect. For example, your business must be based in the United States and must use Pisell Payments. If you see a Fraud Protect section on the Pisell Payments page in your Pisell admin, then you are eligible for Fraud Protect.
Order eligibility
Only online orders processed through Pisell Payments are eligible for protection through Fraud Protect. Orders that are not eligible - such as PayPal or point of sale orders - continue to be processed in the same way they were before you set up Fraud Protect.
If you edit an order after it's been protected by Fraud Protect, then the order is evaluated again. In some cases, an edit to an order that requires an additional payment from the customer can cause an order’s Fraud Protection status to change to partially protected if any part of the new order isn’t protected.
Fraud Protect covers the value of the items contained in protected orders at the time the order is placed. Added items are not covered.

Set up Fraud Protect

If your business is eligible, then you can set up Fraud Protect from your Pisell admin.
  1. From your Pisell admin, click Settings.
  2. Click Payment providers.
  3. Click Manage in the Pisell Payments section.
  4. Click Set up Fraud Protect.
  5. Read and accept the terms of service.
  6. Select whether you'd like unprotected Pisell Payments orders to be manually captured or automatically captured. Manual capture means you can review unprotected orders before capturing payment.
  7. Click Activate Fraud Protect.
  8. Click Done.
You can confirm that Fraud Protect is set up by checking the Pisell Payments page in your Pisell admin at any time.

Deactivate Fraud Protect

After you set up Fraud Protect, you can deactivate it at any time.
  1. From your Pisell admin, click Settings.
  2. Click Payment providers.
  3. Next to Fraud Protect for Pisell Payments, click Deactivate Fraud Protect.
  4. Click Confirm deactivation.
All protected orders placed while Fraud Protect was active continue to be protected even after you deactivate Fraud Protect. You continue to see the Protection status filter on your Orders page, to help you find orders that were protected when the feature was active.

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