Specification Management

When you create a single-specification product, a single-specification group will be automatically generated, which can be used for other products. You can directly select it without creating a single-specification product.

Add a single-specification product, and add a product with a single-specification (after the single-specification creation and saving is complete, click Specification Management to see the single-specification just created).

Create a single specification:

Enter the name of the single specification, and add a single specification value for the single specification. You can add multiple values, or you can set a price for each value (this item is optional, if not set, the price is the same as the price of the main product), price markup price

After adding and saving, click "Specification Management", you can see that the single specification just created has been displayed in it.

You can edit this single specification, add or delete single specification values, and set the status.

Select a single specification, you can modify its status or delete the single specification

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