Bulk upload product images

When the products in your store have been uploaded, you can package the pictures corresponding to the products to us, and we can create a path for you to upload pictures in batches

Material preparation

You need to organize and package the pictures and name the pictures. The named names can only be named with letters and numbers, without special symbols, and make a note with the named pictures and the products uploaded to the store, which is convenient for the next operation.

Export all products in the store to Excel in batches

Add a group 'image' to the far right of the table

Name the picture, as shown below;

After remarking the name of each image in the batch form, save it for backup

Reminder: It is recommended to use one format for the packaged pictures: .png or .jpg

After you have completed the above operations, please package the pictures and send them to Pisell customer service. When the customer service informs you that you can proceed to the next step, open the batch form you just noted.


Bulk upload

When Pisell customer service informs you that the next operation can be performed and the path is sent, you can edit and upload in batches in the form.

Path: https://file.mypisell.com/pisel/manual/piselldemo/2021-10-12/0.jpg

Copy the path to the image cell of each product, pay attention to the name of the image in the remarks after each product, and change the image of the path type to the remark. It should be noted that the format suffix of each image must be filled in correctly

After filling in and saving, upload it to the store, and import the Excel table you just saved.

After successful import, refresh the product page to see the uploaded image

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