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Q: What services can I get for $29 now?
A: It mainly includes a store display on the mobile terminal of h5 (mobile web page). The details include: 1. Have your own online store to sell goods; 2. Customize modules online; 3. You can perform payment operations, allowing users to place orders online; 4. Have a complete background, Manage your merchandise/inventory and sales.

Q: What is the difference between the three packages of $29 / $69 / $129?
A: There are three main differences: 1. The number of user accounts is different, the higher the level, the more accounts you can log in on different devices; 2. Merchants can add more geographic locations, such as if you have more than three stores The address needs to choose a package higher than $29; 3. The collection fee is different, the higher the price of the package, the lower the fee; 4. The service level is different, if you choose a more advanced package, you will enjoy a more considerate and thoughtful service services, including some product production and content production.

Q: What is the current format of the online store?
A: There are five optional pages in the form of our current online store system: 1. Homepage (mainly showing your store homepage, you can customize the decoration); 2. Category page (mainly the exhibition page of your products, You can classify your products into categories); 3. Shopping cart (this page is the page that users use to place orders, which is similar to the ordinary shopping cart in shopping malls); 4. Personal center (mainly an account management of your customers, A center that includes personal information login and registration, order status, coupons, delivery address and other information); 5. Customer service (you can display your customer service information on this page, so that when customers encounter any problems, they can immediately get in touch with you)

Q: After we purchase the basic package, what operations do we need?
A: First, you need to register your store information on the website, including the user name and password; the second step, after the registration is completed, enter the background to design your store homepage display content; the third step, after completing the homepage production You can upload your product image information and stock status on the product upload page; finally, after completing the previous two steps, you can complete the basic settings of your mobile web page. Simply copy the link of your store or download the QR code to log in to your online store.

Q: In addition to the basic package, what should I do if I need a small program?
A: First, you need to purchase the Mini Program application in the app store, the price is $29/month. After that, you need to submit an application for a WeChat applet to the WeChat official, which will incur a certification fee of $99, which will be charged directly by the WeChat official. If you find it too cumbersome to apply yourself, you can also apply for us for a fee of $69. After the WeChat applet is applied, we can synchronize settings with your mobile web page.

Q: The main function of Pisell?
A: Pisell provides you with a variety of tools to help you set up and run your business. Depending on the pricing plan you choose, you can find everything you need to display your products online, process payments, and run your store. Pisell offers:
Free and paid templates in the Pisell template store to make your store look great and stand out;
Free and paid apps in the Pisell app store to extend the functionality of your store;
Pisell's own payment service provider to accept credit card payments;
Pisell's sales channels can help merchants increase sales, suitable for merchants who want to sell in large quantities and want to reduce transaction fees;
Experts around the world who can help you set up and design your store, and market it;
A professional customer service team is available 12/7, no matter what Pisell plan you are on.
Q: What are the initial settings after entering Pisell?

A: Click to view the details of the initial settings after entering Pisell

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