Pisell Application--Sales Channel FAQ

Sales Channel FAQ:
1. APP
(1) Name: App
(2) Subtitle: IOS/Android App development, which can customize various functions.
(3) Charge description: According to the functional requirements of the merchant and the required completion period, the quotation will be made after a comprehensive evaluation.
(4) Feature highlights:
Build brand image quickly
Quickly establish your own brand image among users, enhance consumer trust, gain a larger market, and achieve profit growth.
Personalized management
It has a variety of flexible modules and functions, realizes modern management, communicates directly and effectively with users, truly meets user needs, and solves user problems.
Acquire a large user base
Quickly lock users and conduct distribution fission, enhance user stickiness, and form a stable source of customers. Text, pictures, videos, etc. are all available to achieve an unprecedented interactive experience.
(5) Application description:
With the rapid popularization of mobile intelligence, the usage rate of smartphones has far exceeded that of computers. The development of APP can meet the needs of the public for the use of mobile phones, and APP can allow countless businesses to establish a new business model based on mobile phones. Pisell can easily create your own app for any merchant, company, chain brand, and play to your greatest strengths:
① Pisell helps you achieve modern, diversified and personalized management
At present, business operations tend to be diversified, which also increases the difficulty of business operations. The APP can greatly reduce the difficulty of operation, allow users to quickly and easily understand the different products and services of merchants, quickly establish their own brand image among users, and enhance consumers' trust. Pisell can implement super simple background management for you, easily manage orders, and easily market operations.
② Pisell helps you develop apps that are close to users, fun and interesting, and increase the download rate of users
APP can not only help merchants to achieve profit growth, but also from the perspective of users, with a variety of flexible application modules, which can help merchants communicate directly and effectively with users. Merchants can deliver their latest products, activities and services to users in a timely manner, truly retain users and form a stable source of customers. Pisell can develop APPs that are really close to user needs and solve user problems.
③ Pisell helps you acquire a huge user base through APP, making promotion easier
In addition to allowing merchants to acquire a large number of users, the APP can also allow merchants to break away from the traditional marketing model of investing in advertising. The huge user base allows merchants to quickly lock in a stable source of customers, and then quickly market fission, greatly increasing the number of users. Reduce the investment of merchants in advertising, and then invest more funds in product research and development and services.
④ Pisell can customize a variety of functions for your APP
Through the APP, users can directly communicate with enterprises and merchants, and obtain the latest information in real time. Through the point membership model, etc., it retains old users, attracts new users through first-order discounts, etc., and finally forms a stable user group. You can also set up activities such as group fights, full discounts, limited-time discounts, lottery draws, blind boxes, etc. to encourage users to participate and promote sales. No matter what function, as long as you dare to imagine, Pisell can customize it for you!

Pisell has a strong development technical team, no matter what type of App can be developed for you! Meet any development needs and function customization, with high security, smooth operation, and continuous technology updates. Let you get the most satisfied APP with the lowest cost!
We have a large number of successful APP customization cases, providing one-stop service, please contact us to develop an exclusive APP for you:
Phone number: 1300 326 160

2. WeChat's own applet
(1) Name: WeChat's own applet
(2) Subtitle: Create Your Own Brand WeChat Mini Program
(3) Charge description: $29 / month or $83 / every three months, or $319 / year
(4) Feature highlights:
Get huge traffic
WeChat mini-programs rely on the WeChat platform with one billion traffic, and there are many entrances. Obtaining traffic will generate marketing fission and realize traffic realization.
WeChat ecological fission spread
It is closely integrated with WeChat ecology to form multiple user contacts, and it is easier to form spontaneous WeChat ecological fission and spread, and to obtain more customers.
Easily and quickly seize the market
Users can directly scan the code or click on the mini program card to open it in WeChat, which is very convenient and quick to seize the market and increase the order rate of customers.
(5) Application description
WeChat Mini Program is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. If you want to seize the Chinese market, WeChat mini-programs are an indispensable tool. Pisell can quickly create flexible and diverse mini-programs for you, giving you the greatest advantages of WeChat mini-programs:
① Low cost and high benefit
The applet is equivalent to a lightweight App, but the fee is lower than that of the App. Pisell can make a small program within an hour, saving time, effort and money, and getting the maximum benefit with the lowest cost!
② There are many entrances and large flow
WeChat mini-programs are attached to the big platform of WeChat with one billion traffic, and have a unique traffic advantage. WeChat also gives the applet a lot of entrances. You can enter the applet by scanning the applet code, friend invitation, WeChat group forwarding, searching, nearby applet, WeChat chat box drop-down menu, etc. In addition, it can also be embedded in the menu at the bottom of the official account and in mass-posted articles, so that the applet can be combined with content and self-media. The user fission brought about by so many portals also adds another layer to the small program's traffic advantage.
③ Convenient and fast, just use and go
Unlike apps, mini programs need to be downloaded from a dedicated software store, so they will not consume a lot of memory space for traffic. Users can directly scan the code or click on the applet card to open it in WeChat, which is very convenient and fast, and will not waste users too much time.
④ Fine operation of private domain traffic
Different from e-commerce platforms that require traffic recommended by public domain platforms, the Mini Program Store’s traffic mainly comes from the brand’s own users, and is closely integrated with the WeChat ecosystem, forming multiple users through “moments + WeChat official account + WeChat community” Contact, it is easier to form a spontaneous WeChat ecological fission spread.

Pisell can make the connection between merchants and users more closely, allow users to experience the brand temperature, improve user stickiness, and then increase users' loyalty to the brand and increase the conversion rate!

When a business model is good, that is, when it comes out soon and its functions are continuously updated and iterated, we usually call it a bonus period. WeChat applet is such a stage. So, if you don’t want to be left behind by your peers, hurry up and make your own mini-programs to occupy the market early so that you can eat meat in the future!

The application mini-program includes the following necessary steps:
1. Apply for your own WeChat applet
2. WeChat applet subject authentication
3. WeChat applet payment account application
4. WeChat applet category application
5. WeChat applet homepage decoration
6. Package and publish WeChat applet code
7. Wait for the WeChat party to review your applet.
Disclaimer: WeChat applet application certification and category application are all reviewed by WeChat official account. Pisell will do its best to help customers prepare materials. Pisell is not responsible for any losses or expenses caused by customers' failure to pass WeChat's review.

3. Pisell public applet
(1) Name: Pisell public applet
(2) Subtitle: The fastest way for merchants to own WeChat Mini Program Mall
(3) Charge Description: Free
(4) Feature highlights:
Quickly create a store
Merchants can quickly access WeChat mini-programs, display stores and products, and expand sales channels.
Independent QR code and access link
Merchants have independent QR codes and access links, which are convenient for customers to directly visit your store and improve customer stickiness.
More efficient promotion
Quickly launch WeChat mini-programs to meet basic functions, start promotion faster, and seize market opportunities.
(5) Application description
WeChat mini-programs can be easily acquired and disseminated within WeChat, and at the same time have an excellent user experience. In the WeChat environment, Mini Programs are more lightweight, and have the characteristics of no need to download, just use and go. Pisell public applet is a WeChat applet that merchants can share, allowing merchants to create their own applet mall for free and quickly, giving full play to the biggest advantages of public applet:
① Quick creation, faster
Pisell allows merchants to quickly access mini-programs and has a mini-program mall to meet simple basic applications. The production of the Mini Program Mall can be completed within an hour at the fastest, allowing you to enjoy the convenience brought by the Mini Program as quickly as possible, start the promotion at the fastest speed, and seize the market opportunity.
② Have independent QR code and access link
Using the Pisell public applet, merchants can also have independent QR codes and access links to facilitate your customers to visit your store directly. Mini Programs are shared in various ways, effectively connecting offline scenarios with online promotion. If you are a brick-and-mortar store, you can post a stand-alone QR code to attract in-store customers to your own customer system. Visit links can also be placed on various promotional channels to promote. It takes up no space and is fast.
③ Higher promotion efficiency
Your customers can scan the QR code or visit the link to log in directly without the hassle of downloading the app. There is also no need for cumbersome user registration, and you can log in by directly authorizing WeChat's personal information. Simplifying the entry process will greatly increase the conversion rate of consumers. The Pisell public applet can meet your basic promotion needs and is more efficient.

Pisell public applet is the best way for you to try WeChat applet. As long as you subscribe to Pisell's basic package, you can open the Pisell public applet, get your exclusive QR code and link, and start accumulating your online customers!

4. Boxlocal Bao Tesco
(1) Name: boxlocal Bao Tesco
(2) Subtitle: Provide local merchants with a platform for video delivery
(3) Charge description: 60-day free trial
(4) Feature highlights:
All-round display of products
Through pictures, videos, and live broadcasts, the stores and products of the merchants are displayed in an all-round way, making the brand more real and warm.
Discount activity sharing is super convenient
Products and discounts can be directly linked on the video of the merchant’s store, making it more convenient to share preferential activities and prompting users to place orders in seconds.
Promote in-store consumption
Design activities online, share discounts, and various marketing activities to get more in-store customers and promote in-store consumption.
(4) Application description
Box local is the first platform in Australia to bring video products to merchants and bring local discounts and convenience to users. It aggregates hundreds of high-quality merchants and is constantly growing. There are various types of businesses, including retail, travel, dining, entertainment, and more. Merchants can display their brands and products on the platform in an all-round way, narrowing the distance with users.

For consumers on the platform, it provides thousands of wonderful short videos, so that consumers can better understand the products and consume more at ease. Thousands of merchants engage in activities and set discounts on the platform. Consumers can enjoy discounts on the platform and get real discounts. Every consumer can eat at Box Local with confidence, have fun, and use them with peace of mind.
1. Homepage: The wonderful video and graphic pages have built a platform for merchants to display.
2. Activity page: The activity is updated every day, so that the merchant's activity can increase the exposure rate and attract more users to participate.
3. Store display: Merchants can easily decorate their stores and create their own brands.
4. Box Local's payment methods include credit card/Alipay/WeChat/Paypal. After placing an order, users can use the QR code in the store to receive the discount. Both merchants and users can get the most value.

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