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Shop Design FAQ:
Marketing campaign management
(1) Name: Marketing Campaign Management
(2) Subtitle: Set up and manage a variety of marketing activities to expand your business;
(3) Charge description: $10/month or $29/3 month, or $110/1 year;
(4) Feature highlights:
Have a separate event page
Have an independent activity page, aggregate a variety of marketing activities, promote user consumption, and help merchants develop business.
Increase store sales
Freely choose discounts / full discounts / lottery and other activities, attract new users, retain old users, and directly increase product sales.
Activities are constantly updated
Following the market trend, we constantly create and update a variety of marketing methods to help merchants easily carry out marketing activities.
(5) Application description:
Pisell sets up an exclusive event page for you, provides a variety of event marketing methods, and continuously optimizes and updates according to market needs. Many businesses face the problem of not having the time and energy for online marketing. Pisell's marketing campaign settings have the advantage of being fully automated. The system executes automatically according to the settings, allowing merchants to easily carry out marketing activities and give full play to the greatest advantages of marketing activities:
① Use Pisell to set up merchant marketing activities to greatly shorten the time for products to enter the market
If a product wants to quickly open up sales in the market, it can quickly accumulate popularity through different marketing activities, increase the sales of the product, and help the product to be quickly recognized by users.
② Use Pisell to set up business marketing activities to stimulate users' desire to consume
Market competition is fierce, and users have more and more choices, so it is necessary for merchants to carry out marketing activities. Good marketing activities can help businesses seize the market and stay ahead of their peers. Use marketing activities such as discounts, full discounts, buy one get one free, etc. to strengthen users' decision to purchase products, continuously stimulate users to repurchase, and effectively shorten the consumption cycle of users. Pisell can provide you with a variety of marketing campaign options.
③ Use Pisell to set up business marketing activities to increase product sales
Pisell makes it easier for merchants to design events, with the freedom to set precise times when events start and end. The activity page is beautiful and the activity is novel, which helps the merchant to accumulate a lot of praise in the activity, thereby enhancing the reputation of the merchant and further increasing the sales of products.

The benefits that marketing activities bring to merchants are huge. Pisell not only has strong back-end technical support, but also provides various support for your marketing activities, helping you to grasp the best time for marketing, quickly open the market, and expand your business!

Short video live broadcast function
Function: upload video, link products and coupons on the video. Hang the corresponding coupons on the products, and you can also share them on WeChat, and there will be pictures and live broadcasts in the future.
(1) Name: Short video live broadcast function
(2) Subtitle: Enable short video and live broadcast functions for merchants and stores, and enable new forms of delivery;
(3) Charge description: $15/month or $43/3 months, or $165/1 year;
(4) Feature highlights:
Keep up with the short video era
Keep up with the trend of short videos, use short videos to display stores and products more intuitively and comprehensively, shorten the distance between users, and quickly increase sales.
Short videos and product discount links
Videos uploaded in the store can be associated with products, allowing everyone to receive discounts/direct purchases of products while watching the videos, stimulating consumption desire.
Turn on live delivery mode (coming soon)
Following the trend of live streaming, greatly shortening the sales process, directly driving sales, and enjoying live streaming dividends.
(5) Application description
Pisell provides short video live broadcast function for merchants, allowing merchants to open a new era of sales and create sales miracles!
① Take advantage of short videos to display products and increase sales
In the era of short videos, it is necessary to keep up with the trend and make the most of the advantages of short videos. Under the fast-paced lifestyle, short videos are used to comprehensively and intuitively display products to meet the needs of users. By associating the product with the video, users can directly purchase the product by clicking on the bottom while watching the video. Directly stimulate the user's consumption desire with vision and greatly increase product sales.
② Short video/live data visualization, intuitively see the effect
Pisell has data to support the spread and effect of short videos, including how many people have viewed the video, how many times it has been reprinted, how many comments have been made, and so on. Whether it is a merchant's store introduction video or a product video, we can intuitively see data such as the number of views and comments. The most important thing is that merchants can let users receive coupons/purchase products through the method of "short video + product/discount", and the order quantity of the product is clear. Merchants can adjust and optimize short video content in time through data, so as to achieve better marketing effects.
③ Short video display products have a “sustainable development” communication time limit
If the short video content of the merchant's store/product is of high quality and attracted the attention and likes of users, it will continue to spread and ferment. Video with goods has always "survived" in the eyes of users. It is not affected by the amount of external investment. As long as users like it, it may spread all the time, bringing new customers to the merchants continuously. At the same time, a major feature of short videos is high interactivity. One-way, two-way or even multi-way interactive communication is possible, and merchants can quickly obtain user feedback and make targeted adjustments.
④ The live delivery of goods is real-time, and the order quantity is obtained in a short time
In the era of live broadcast and delivery, create a sales miracle. Merchants must try the live streaming function. When users encounter problems, they can immediately give feedback to the host, and the host can also answer questions at the first time, answering questions for users, and prompting them to place orders. After the user understands the value of the product, he will build a trust relationship with the anchor, thereby increasing the user stickiness, prompting the user to place multiple orders to buy the product, forming an Internet celebrity economy. The Pisell Live feature is coming soon, stay tuned!

Pisell translation
(1) Name: Pisell Translation
(2) Subtitle: Multi-language translation and multi-currency support. sold in multiple languages;
(3) Charge Description: Free
(4) Feature highlights:
Pisell local translation
Choose a native translation app for your store. Pisell Translator works seamlessly with the store's multilingual capabilities.
automatic translation
Pisell Translate will automatically translate your store into any language using the Google NTM engine.
Multiple translation methods
Including automatic translation of Excel, manual verification of translation, batch import translation.
(5) Application description:
Sell ​​Worldwide with Pisell Translate | Translate and Enter International Markets!
With Pisell Translate, you can translate all pages in your store and display prices in multiple currencies, helping you reach new markets and boost sales.
Officially produced by Pisell
Using Pisell's multilingual capabilities means you can seamlessly add multiple languages ​​to your store and translate quickly without crashing or slowing down your store.
human translation
Manually translate each resource into multiple languages ​​- products, collections, blogs, pages, emails and text messages, stores, store policies, links, and more.
Translate Checkout
Translate your checkout with Pisell Translator - Your checkout cannot be translated until the Pisell store language is released. Now you can do this with Pisell Translator as it runs on top of the Pisell store language.
AI automatic translation
Automatically translate your entire store in any language with Google Machine Translate.
auto-detect language
Detect the preferred language of your store visitors and load your store in the most appropriate language.
language switcher
Put a customizable language switcher with a logo or language name in your store. The app also integrates with the theme editor so that you can easily customize the language switcher.
Export/Import translations (coming soon)
Import/export product translations in CSV format by SKU, or use standard Pisell export mode. You can also import any other translatable resource by id or text value.
Change default language
Changing the default store language is complicated because the store's default content is separate from the translations. But with Pisell Translate, you can do it with the click of a button.
Topic Migration
Migrate your theme translations from one theme to another.
HTML preprocessing
Only translate actual text to maximize your AI word points.
search engine friendly
Search engines will index your store in every other language. The app will create a unique URL for each translated page in your store.
Our support team will be there for you throughout the translation process and make sure your store supports multiple languages

custom page
(1) Name: Custom Page
(2) Subtitle: Quickly make any page the business needs
(3) Charge description: $15 / month or $42 / 3 months, or $165 / 1 year
(4) Feature highlights:
Simple operation and quick customization
Using the drag-and-drop method, the operation is simple, and the decorative components and different modules can be freely combined to quickly make pages.
Diverse styles and flexible layout
You can freely add pictures/videos/text on the custom page, adjust the size and color, and create a delicate and beautiful page.
Multi-port support to cooperate with marketing activities
Multi-terminal support such as mobile phone webpage, WeChat applet, App, etc., the page can be published to any port to meet the temporary needs of merchants or marketing activities.
(5) Application description:
Pisell provides a variety of decorative components and modules, providing powerful support for merchants to quickly create pages to meet a variety of needs!
① Assist marketing activities to rapidly increase sales
Pisell not only allows you to quickly formulate beautiful custom pages, but also has a separate page sharing function for custom pages to match your marketing activities and meet your higher activity needs. Multi-terminal support such as mobile phone webpage, WeChat applet, App, etc., you can publish the page to any port, and you can place advertisements at will. For example, on Double Eleven, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc., you can quickly create a festival event page, cooperate with marketing activities, and publish it to various publicity channels, expand brand influence, and rapidly increase sales!
② Decorate and enrich store content to create store brand image
After using the decorative components and modules to create a page, you can link the page to the store's homepage or any page's pictures, text, modules, etc., which greatly enriches the store's content and enhances the brand image. If the user has a good impression of the store interface at the beginning and resonates with the layout of the interface, then in the subsequent purchase behavior, the heart will tend to agree. The beautification of the page design of the store is like the decoration of the physical store, allowing users to visually and psychologically feel the intention of the store, increasing the dwell time on the page, and promoting product transactions.
③ Simple operation and quick customization
The operation of the Pisell custom page is extremely simple, and you can freely create the page style and content you want. Creating pages using a drag-and-drop method can greatly reduce creation time. Just drag and drop components and modules onto the page, edit the content, and publish. No special technology is required. Even novice users who are completely unfamiliar with web page creation can easily create pages, allowing you to freely design and combine rich visual interfaces.
④ Flexible layout, making beautiful pages
Build highly customized pages with flexible layouts using various decorative components and modules. In each section, merchants can create and resize images, fonts, choose text colors, add background images, and add relevant elements to the page. Build sophisticated, beautiful pages.

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