Abandoned Checkouts

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  • Abandoned Checkouts introduction
  • Abandoned page feature

Abandoned Checkouts introduction
"Abandoned order": Abandoned order: After the customer submits the order on the client, the order has not completed the payment, the payment status is "unpaid", the user has not paid the review after the timeout, and the order manually canceled by the merchant is all abandoned. Show in "Abandoned" list


Abandoned page feature

(1) More filters: Compared with the function of the same name in the original order module, the filters of order status, payment status, and delivery status are removed.

It can be marked, sales channel, order date, appointment time, delivery method, logistics order number, logistics carrier, customer, delivery point/self-pickup point, included product, customer phone number, delivery phone number, payment method, zip code, delivery area for order filtering

(2) Sorting: Abandoned orders can be sorted according to the following items

Order number (ascending)
Order number (descending order)
Date (created earlier - later)
Date (later created - earlier)
Customer Name (A-Z)
Customer Name (Z-A)
Payment Status (A-Z)
Payment Status (Z-A)
Shipping Status (A-Z)
Shipping Status (Z-A)
Order Amount (ascending)
Order Amount (descending order)
Appointment time (earliest to latest)
Appointment time (latest to earliest)

(3) Select and click on the order to enter the order details page of the corresponding order

(4) When the customer completes the payment or marks it as "paid" in the background, "abandoned order" will be changed to "order", and the order will no longer be displayed in the "abandoned order" list.

(5) "Cancelled" abandoned orders: If the store manually cancels the abandoned order or the customer manually cancels the abandoned order, or the system cancels the overtime and unpaid abandoned orders, they will be transferred to "Cancelled" in the abandoned order list.

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