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About EFTPOS linkly payment
Linkly is a payment company that can integrate with EFTPOS and is committed to providing customers with continuously improving payment solutions. Linkly supports connecting hardware devices from CBA Westpac, which solves the problem of customers being unable to use their cards properly due to the previous mx51 model not supporting CBA Westpac hardware devices. Merchants and users can experience more convenient and secure payment services, achieving a more efficient transaction experience.
(Note: If you want to use this payment method, you need to add and use the Pisell Terminal as the main sales channel for your store to manage store orders and payments.)
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Adding EFTPOS-Linkly application

To add the EFTPOS-Linkly payment method, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your merchant management backend using your account credentials.
  2. Click on "Applications" to access the applications page.
  3. In the applications page, select the "Add more applications" button located at the top-right corner.
  4. This will take you to the application store. Look for the "EFTPOS-Linkly" application and click on it to add it.

Configuring EFTPOS-Linkly (Merchant Management Dashboard)

After adding the EFTPOS-Linkly application, the "EFTPOS-Linkly" payment method will appear in other payment options, as shown in the picture:
Click on the "Edit" button to enter the EFTPOS-Linkly settings page, where you can choose the sales channels (currently including Merchant Portal and Pisell Terminal), payment surcharge,  pairing, device list, and payment method description;

Account configuration Form - Please note that you need to apply for an account with Linkly company by yourself!

After completing the account application, Linkly officials will provide you with a username and password. You need to fill in these two pieces of information in the account information section, as they are required fields.

Pairing - After completing the account information form, you need to set up the pairing for the POS device.
The operation steps are as follows: click the "PIN pad pairing request" button on the left side to enter the "Pairing" settings page. Fill in the device name (can be customized), pairing code, and whether to automatically print receipts. After completing these three settings, the store and device will be successfully paired.

Once the pairing is completed, if you have multiple POS devices, they will be displayed in the device list. You can check the device connection status, customize the name of the POS device, and click on "Delete Device" as shown in the figure below.

EFTPOS-Linkly and Settlement
If you have enabled the "EFTPOS-Linkly" merchant management channel in the payment settings, the EFTPOS-Linkly payment method will appear on the settlement page, as shown in the figure.
After selecting the "EFTPOS-Linkly" payment method, a pop-up window for modifying the amount will appear. If the customer only pays a partial amount using the card, you can enter the corresponding number. You can also manually change the fee settings. The page will be displayed as follows:
After adding the "EFTPOS-Linkly" payment method, it will appear in the "Confirmed Payment Methods" list without any operational buttons temporarily. Currently, it only serves the purpose of displaying the payment method and amount.
When payment is successful: return directly to the order details page; When payment fails: stay on this page, and the user can initiate payment again.
EFTPOS-Linkly and Refunds
After the customer completes the payment using the Linkly card swiper, if a refund is needed, they need to swipe the card again. On the refund page, enter the refund amount and click the "Refund" button below.
When the refund is successful: return directly to the order details page.
When the refund fails: display the reason for failure and stay on the current page, allowing the user to initiate the refund again.

EFTPOS-Linkly and Pisell Terminal

In the settings page of Pisell Terminal, there is a list of linked devices for pairing with Linkly. It supports operations such as pairing, editing, viewing connection status, and deleting.
EFTPOS-Linkly and Settlement
If you have enabled the "EFTPOS-Linkly" Pisell Terminal sales channel in your payment settings, the EFTPOS-Linkly payment method will appear on the checkout page as shown in the picture.
If the selected device pairing fails, a pop-up window will appear for re-pairing.
EFTPOS-Linkly and Refunds
When customers need a refund after making a payment using the Linkly card machine, they can go to the order page of the Pisell Terminal and click on the refund button at the bottom. This will prompt a selection of paired devices (if there are multiple devices) and display a waiting popup window, similar to the settlement process.
Here is the integration link for Linkly:https://linkly.com.au/resources-support/developer-apis


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