A deposit is a non-withdrawable amount that merchants are required to keep in their Pisell Payment account.
When a merchant stops using Pisell Payment, the deposit will normally be settled in 3 to 9 months, in 3 installments, depending on the merchant's risk level. For lower-risk merchants, the deposit will be released in 3 installments over 3 months, while for higher-risk merchants, the deposit will be released in 3 installments over 9 months.
If a merchant has unpaid chargebacks or fees, the release procedure will be suspended and the countdown will be reset (restarting again from the date of repayment).
Pisell Payment's risk control system uses, but is not limited to, the following factors to calculate the minimum deposit amount for merchants:
  • Business scope
  • Operation duration
  • Order origin
  • Shipping method
  • Maximum single transaction amount
  • Small transaction rate
  • Large transaction rate
  • International transaction rate
  • Basket Size
  • Average daily order quantity
  • Total daily transaction amount
  • Total monthly transaction amount
  • Declined rate
  • Refund rate
  • Chargeback order proportion
If a merchant's operation changes significantly, the risk control system of Pisell Payment may recalculate the deposit and notify the merchant of any adjustments.
We reserve the right to withhold funds in merchant accounts as necessary, in accordance with Pisell Payment Terms of Service.
保证金为商家在其Pisell Payment账户中应留存的不可提现金额。
商家停止使用Pisell Payment后,根据商家风险等级不同,保证金一般会在3~9个月内,分3次结清。较低风险的,分3次3个月结清;较高风险的,分3次9个月结清。
Pisell Payment风控系统采用,但不限于下列因素,综合计算商家的最低保证金额度:
  • 经营业务范围
  • 店铺运营日数
  • 订单来源比
  • 发货方式
  • 单笔最高交易额
  • 小额交易频率
  • 大额交易频率
  • 国际支付占比
  • 客单价
  • 日均订单量
  • 单日总交易额
  • 月总交易额
  • 拒付占比
  • 退款占比
  • Chargeback订单占比
若商家运营情况变化较大,Pisell Payment风控系统可能会重新计算保证金,并通知商家多退少补。 我们保留根据Pisell Payment Terms of Service条款,在必要时扣留商户账户中资金的权利。
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