11/03:【Important Notice】Upcoming "Reserve Funds" Feature and Refund Policy Updates - Merchants are kindly requested to set up promptly.

Dear Merchants,
Thank you for your continuous support and trust in us. To further enhance your operational experience and improve the smoothness of the refund process, we are about to launch a new feature - "Voluntary Withholding Funds". Hereby, we would like to provide you with a detailed explanation of how this feature operates and its impact on your refund operations. Please ensure that you make the necessary settings before the feature goes live.
I. Introduction to the New Feature
The "Voluntary Withholding Funds" feature allows merchants to autonomously configure a certain amount of money that cannot be withdrawn. This amount will serve as your account balance and be used to cover potential refund needs. When you process order refunds on the Pisell, the system will compare the refund amount with your "withdrawable balance + voluntary withholding fund" to ensure that the refund operation can only be executed when the refund amount is less than or equal to the total amount mentioned above.
II. Launch Time
The "Voluntary Withholding Funds" feature will be officially launched at 20:00 Beijing time on March 18th. After the feature goes online, please log in to the management backend in time, and set a reasonable voluntary withholding fund based on your business situation and refund needs to ensure the smooth progress of the refund process.
III. Operational Suggestions
We strongly recommend that you log in to the management backend after the feature goes online and check and set an appropriate retention money amount. This will help you avoid situations where you are unable to refund customers promptly due to insufficient account balance, thereby maintaining good customer relationships. Here are the detailed instructions for setting it up,please pay particular attention to the section on "Risk Control."
IV. Contact Information
If you have any questions about the "Voluntary Withholding Funds" feature or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us through the following methods:
Customer Service Email: info@pisell.com Customer Service Hotline: +611300326160
We will be happy to answer your questions and provide technical support.
Thank you for your attention and support! We look forward to creating a better future for you.
Best regards,
Pisell Team
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